The BMW Club Atlantic is a not-for-profit organisation whose activities are funded primarily through membership fees. Of course, we aim to provide value to all our members while keeping the cost of membership as low as possible, and at $60.00, our membership fee is close to the price of a tank of gas nowadays. So what does an annual membership in the club get you? For starters, it gets you access to all of our amazing club events like our technical sessions, BBQs, Go Kart Nights, technical lectures, club tours, social events and also makes you elegible to sign up for our very popular ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING, where membership is required. It also gets you a membership into the BMW Club of Canada as well. This gives you access to many of the other regional clubs' activities, such as driving schools in other Provinces, a benefit many of our members take full advantage of.

Of course, the biggest reason to join our club is the people. Like you, we love cars and we love driving them. We are, what you call, enthusiasts.

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Friends of the Marque Party for George

2009 Party for George Garner celebrating his indoctrination into BMW Friends of the Marque