2017 Final Driving School will be: August 12 & 13

Since the beginning, our BMW Advanced Driver Training schools have served as the flagship event for the club. Our schools offer students a unique opportunity to improve their driving skills through a series of classroom sessions, and on-track exercises with qualified BMW Club instructors. For the in-car portion of the school, drivers focus on learning car control techniques which are aimed at making them better (and safer) drivers. Typically, we host a total of two, 2-day schools each year, one in June and one in August. Our BMW Driving Schools are very popular and space is limited, so if you are interested in attending one, it's advised that you not delay in signing up.

Cost for the event is only $490 or $450 if you attended the June school. An additional $60.00 for non-members (cost of annual membership).  You will be required to have a SAFETY INSPECTION done on the car 30 days prior to the event, and all cars are required to have their brake fluids flushed at the same time. Each driver is also required to fill out a WAIVER and have a proper fitting helmet for both days. All helmets must be Snell (M or SA) 2005 rated or better and/or DOT approved   Included in the event fee is a delightful hot lunch and all the non-alcoholic beverages you will require throughout each day. The schools are incredibly fun but it is imperative that you come well rested as event safety is our priority.

NEW: Instructor registration is $200 if lapping and $0 if not lapping.  Also instructors and students will receive $100 of their fee refunded for each referal they sign up for the school to amaximum of their registration fee. (5 referals pays for a free school for a student and 2 referals for an instructor who is lapping)

Group photo from the BMW Advanced Driving School

Things to do if you are attending our driving school

1. Enrol Online

2. Have your car inspected by a licensed mechanic who needs to fill out and sign our SAFETY INSPECTION FORM.  This needs to be done within 30 days prior to the school date.

3. Fill out and sign our WAIVER.

4. You MUST bring the completed SAFETY INSPECTION FORM and WAIVER  with you to the school or you will not be allowed to participate.

5. Directions to AMP