Propeller Newsletter

Propellor - Newsletter of the BMW Club Atlantic

Every club has a story to tell, and our club has a specially designed publication to tell ours. Propellor was created late summer of 2010, and has evolved into a pretty decent electronic publication, and not just by car club standards. It comes out every quarter (or every season) and inside the pages are loads of terrific images, and interesting stories told through the words of the membership itself. Each issue is packed with content and even if you ended up missing an event, you can get a sense of all the excitement just from reading through the pages.

As this paragraph is being written, the third edition is well into production and we are now very close to a final product in terms of layout and design. It took a bit of work to get there, but the effort was worthwhile. The BMW Club Atlantic is THE best car club anywhere, and if you need proof, just download a copy of Propellor and find out for yourself.


Is There More to Tell?

Okay, so you've read Propellor (and hopefully loved it), but something is missing. A story has gone untold, a photo unpublished or maybe a viewpoint unheard. Well fear not, Propellor fills its pages with content from people just like you. If you'd like to be a part of the production, feel free to DROP US AN EMAIL.

Issues of Propeller (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Propeller - Winter 2011   Propeller - Spring 2011   Propeller - Summer 2011   Propeller - Fall 2011   Propeller - Spring 2012